Notice the Granite trellis! People were cranking their necks while driving past wondering what was being built (for a while we worried about a vehicle accident on the street while building it). Visitors think of it as a small piece of “Stone Henge in Canada”.

Mr. Wagler says with a grin, “To shovel deep snow keeps us thin, but somehow it doesn’t seem to work on me.”

The granite waterfall has a different beauty when covered in snow.

Elroy says, “We won’t let a bit of snow discourage us, imagine the men shovelling out the train in 1947, by hand! The snow was so deep, they hung their coats on the telephone lines. A lot of roads were closed, and horse teams and sleighs made trails through fields and drive over the top of fences. Back then,they tied their horses’ tails up, so if they broke through the snow crust, so that they wouldn’t fall on their tail which would keep them from getting up.” Mr. Wagler remembers his father teaching him how to tie a horse’s tail (which was being kind). Those days were the “Good Old Days”, when snow was deep.