Natural Stone Bathtubs

Carved out of a large fieldstone boulder, No two pieces are alike. For those who enjoy unique, different, charming, and unheard of things. The bottom is sawn to sit evenly on the floor. The top is sawn and polished so it is even and smooth. The outer edge is natural and rustic. These are breath taking pieces of art with very roomy measurements inside.

 1. (3,620 lbs.) (SOLD)

Natural Stone Bathtub

Natural Stone Bathtub

Outside Height= 22″   Inside Width= 40.5″   Outside Width= 50″
Inside Height= 18.5″   Inside Length= 73″   Outside Length= 87″

natural stone tub placing

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natural stone tub at colonial natural stone tub in front of colonial office natural stone tub top view natural stone tub end view natural stone tub side view

6. (6,440 lbs.)

Outside Height= 25.5″   Outside Width= 69″   Outside Length= 102″
Inside Height= 20″   Inside Width= 45.5″   Inside Length= 79″


7. (4,500 lbs.) (SOLD)

natural stone tub grey

Outside Height= 24″   Inside Width= 40.5″   Outside Width= 52.5″
Inside Height= 19″   Inside Length= 70″   Outside Length= 91″

8. (2,080 lbs.) (SOLD)

natural stone tub

Outside Height= 23″   Inside Width= 39.25″   Outside Width= 53.5″
Inside Height= 19″   Inside Length= 58″   Outside Length= 69″



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