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Colonial’s Mission Statement

Colonial Brick & Stone Inc. is a Canadian company specializing in producing, marketing, and distributing a large variety of natural stone products for various applications. It is our commitment to always operate in an honest, ethical, and environmentally conscious manner, in order to provide our customers with high quality products and to build long term relationships with all with whom we do business.

elroy wagler and the nine foot saw

Colonial Brick & Stone’s owner and founder, Elroy Wagler, has had 40 years of  experience in the natural stone industry. Aside from owning a 1200 acre quarry property on Manitoulin Island and overseeing the operations at the processing facility, Mr. Wagler has many years of hands on experience in installing many kinds of natural stone.

Colonial Brick & Stone uses many different ways to process stone product to meet the needs of their clients. Their processing equipment includes,  4 guillotines, a 9ft. saw, a veneer saw, 2 cut off saws, and their bush hammer, polisher and bull nose capabilities.





9' SAW


EIGHT FOOT GUILLOTINE  (in the background)

8' guillotine

Mr. Wagler’s wealth of knowledge is being transferred into the minds and hearts of his family and employees. Because of his own experience in masonry, he has the ability to develop methods of production that uses each kind of stone to its full potential.  We at Colonial Brick & Stone take pride in creating unique and beautiful products. Our flexibility in finishes and blends also allows you to create products that fill your specific needs.


Build and Landscape to Match

One of the things we enjoy doing is helping you create spaces that work well together. In our  Build and Landscape to Match theme, we help you design natural stone landscape features to match or blend with the stone in your home. It’s a great way to carry the feeling of natural beauty throughout your entire property.

Weatheredge Limestone Fireplace Inside / Weatheredge Limestone Waterfall Outside

Weatheredge Limestone Fireplace Inside / Weatheredge Limestone Waterfall Outside


For information on dealers near you, please call 519-595-4261.


(A letter from a satisfied and grateful customer…)

Dear Elroy,

Your expansive knowledge, honesty, and having the gift to be able to give an

unbiased opinion helped us immensely. In that regard, we placed total trust in

you. Thank you.

Lunch at Anna-Mae’s was a welcome rest following our long journey.

It also afforded opportunity for all to get to know each other a little more.

Pie and Nanaimo bars for us to bring with us to share with our children!

You provided a day that we will not soon forget.

The tough “decision-making” was made really quite simple with regard to

stone choice and application due to honest dialoging.

We retired last evening giving even greater glory to our Maker!


Raphael & Paula Ann


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