Fountains are a simple way to add elegance and beauty to outdoor space. Our fountains are custom made to your specifications and are available in many type of Limestone and Granite

Elite Blue Granite Pillars & Marble Fountain

Fountains and Bubbling Boulders

Elite Blue Granite FountainElite Blue Granite Fountain



Bubbling Rocks

Bubbling Rocks are a beautiful feature for any garden. Their compact size makes them ideal for small spaces. They are available in many types of Limestone and Granite

Quartzite Slabs Bubbling Rock Water Feature

Quartzite Slabs Bubbling Rock Water Feature

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jasper bubbling rock jasper backyard bubbler granite bubbler marble bubbling boulder granite show bubbler
granite waterfall bubbler feildstone bubbling rock tall bubbling rock mica bubbling rock


Bubbling Rock Basin

A bubbling rock basin is a self contained reservoir for recycling a pond-less waterfall or fountain. It is made from recycled plastics and is designed to hold a distributed weight of 4 ton. An additional 2 ton of distributed weight can be added when installing pipes into the insert pockets of on the base of the basin and under side of the four quarter lids or covers. There is on basin, two lids or covers with manholes, two 12″ access covers, and one 14.5 ft. of 4″ PVC pipe. The bubbling boulder basin is 6 ft. in diameter by 17″ deep. This great feature has advantages such as no rubber liners, no pads to protect the liner, and cement blocks support bases and covers.

components of the bubbling boulder basin components

bubbling boulder basin splash tray

installing bubbling boulder basin


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