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Water Features

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Imagine yourself floating in a tranquil pool of warm, clear blue water, listening to the soothing sounds of a waterfall. Moist, humid air carries the scent of fresh damp earth, while a slight breeze rustles the leaves of surrounding trees.

Prebuilt Waterfall in Toronto, ON

Prebuilt Waterfall in Toronto, ON

All our waterfalls are pre-designed by us (or you) and pre-built right in our own yard. For your convenience they are pre-numbered and a diagram is supplied showing which numbers go where. The basins are “carved in” and come in a “ready to install” condition. We have a unique product, our mini waterfall. It is self contained in its own pond. The pond itself comes in sized ranging from 2′ by 3′ right up to 150′ long. Now you can hear the soothing sound of running water right in your own living room; or on your deck or patio or anywhere outside.

The reasons we like pre-building them is:

(a) In our large stone yard we have hundreds of tons of choice of stone to select from, so we can choose the best pieces for each spot without requiring all the extra pieces on the job site.

(b) We can create specially cut pieces in house with our 9 foot diamond blade saw, which would not be easy on a job site.

(c) We are working on a firm gravel yard during the pre-build instead of on someone’s lawn, plus shaping chips and saw dust are not in our customers yard.

(d) Job sites are often tight for space, so the pieces required first can be sent first, requiring no extra job site storage space.

(e) It is very impressive to our customers and their neighbors when we bring in many pieces, and just put them in place so easily it looks so professional and fast .

(f) We cut basins into the ledges, where the water falls, so we can have control of the water with it falling into the churning basin of water instead of splashing uncontrollably after falling onto a hard ledge.

(g) We can pre-build falls with a cave running behind it, where you can come out behind the falling water. (For example, the one we are offering as a fundraiser to help find a cure for

Each mini waterfall comes ready to install and each kit includes the following:

(a) a mini waterfall in either limestone or granite; due to the nature of natural stone,

each unit will be unique, there will not be two exactly alike.

(b) pump and internal plumbing

(c) decorative beach pebbles for the bottom of the pond (for larger units)


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Weatheredge Limestone Waterfall

Weatheredge Limestone Waterfall

Colonial’s masonry crew, Elroy Wagler Masonry, built this Weatheredge Limestone waterfall at the plowing match in Listowel, ON. This waterfall has a cave running through the back so you can stand under the falling water.

waterfall cave waterfall cave entrance waterfall cave exit limestone cave waterfall raised beds waterfall cave falling water
waterfall cave inside limestone cave waterfall limestone waterfall detail limestone waterfall ariel view limestone waterfall side view


Royal Botanical Gardens

This beautiful waterfall is Weatheredge Limestone, from our quarry on Manitoulin Island.

Weatheredge Limestone Sawn Waterfall

Weatheredge Limestone Sawn Waterfall

To view the progress from start to finish click on the thumbnails below to view an enlargement.

1. Quarry

colonial's quarry drilling colonial's quarry at work colonial's quarry loading colonial's quarry loading colonial truck

2. Work here at the stone yard.

colonial's yard loaders moving stone colonial's yard unloading truck colonial's yard loader unloading truck

3. Sawing the pcs. in our 9′ Saw.

colonial's saw colonial's saw and loaders colonial's saw large stone colonial's sawing large stone

4. Compiling the waterfall here at the yard.

colonial prebuilding waterfall colonial yard building waterfall colonial prebuilding waterfall colonial's yard prebuilt waterfall

5. Building the waterfall at Royal Botanical Gardens.

building waterfall at rbg crane help at building waterfall waterfall in progress at rbg colonial's masons building waterfall

6. Running Waterfall

building waterfall at royal botanical gardens limestone waterfall closeup view of waterfall at rbg limestone waterfall side wall
limestone sawn waterfall limestone sawn waterfall top view limestone sawn waterfall side view limestone sawn waterfall patio


Elite Blue Granite

Elite Blue Granite Mini Waterfall

Elite Blue Granite Mini Waterfall

Elite Blue Granite Pillar Water Feature

Elite Blue Granite Pillar Water Feature

(click on the thumbnails to view enlargement)

elite blue granite pillar water feature side view elite blue granite pillar water feature front side elite blue granite pillar water feature front view


Colonial Classic Granite Waterfall

Colonial Classic Granite Waterfall



limestone mini waterfall weatheredge limestone waterfall prebuilt waterfall weatheredge limestone waterfall weatheredge limestone water fall waterfall weatheredge limestone waterfall
limestone waterfall pond backyard waterfall limestone prebuilt granite waterfall indoor limestone waterfall repair limestone waterfall
limestone waterfall in toronto waterfall colonial classic granite waterfall eilite blue granite mini waterfall side veiw weatheredge limestone mini waterfall weatheredge
waterwall pre-built repaired waterfall closeup waterfall to pond mini granite waterfall colonial's granite waterfall granite



Elroy Wagler Masonry turned this wet boggy backyard into a beautiful waterfall and pond area.

waterfall in boggy area installing waterall in boggy area
waterfall installment waterfall installing


This customer was very pleased with his waterfall.

This customer was very pleased with his waterfall.


Limestone Waterfall with a Natural Stone Diving Rock

waterfall in toronto diving rock


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