On the top back porch.

Front Entrance. With Elora and Fergus sitting on Limestone and being known for the many historic stone buildings, it was very fitting to do this “New Build” with Limestone.

Interesting History: I know of three local quarries that were used to quarry Limestone for many years, while the old buildings were being built. In the one quarry, when the stone was freshly extracted, it was so soft, that they were able to cut window sills with Cross Cut Saws (by hand). When exposed to the elements they became extremely hard. Mr. Wagler found it just amazing to work on some of these old buildings and see how hard and strong they become.

A close up of the hand crafted Weatheredge Limestone Window Sills.

Overlooking the edge of the upper deck. This house was carved out of the cedar woodlot backing onto the Elora Gorge and Beautiful River.

Back door.

The stone pillars have Weatheredge Limestone Caps matching the window sills.

At the back edge of this property the “Elora Gorge” (Limestone) drops down to this beautiful River (amazing even when the sun is setting). Notice the dam downstream from the bridge. This river has so much fall that between Elora and Fergus, they have many dams to harness waterpower to produce electricity.

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