Our dealer in the New Concord, OH showed our stone off on his shop. The wood beam structure always looks nice with natural stone.

Our dealer chose to use brown mortar color…which highlights each piece of the “Harvest Gold Limestone Tumbled Olde Mill Blend.”

The “Tumbled Olde Mill Blend” consists of Squares & Rec’s, Random Pieces, and Ledgerock… which gives it a 100 year appearance, as soon as the last piece is grouted.

This project would look totally different if gray or tan mortar would have been used. Recessed, stick, or overgrout joints change the appearance so much as well. All these choices can adjust to your taste.

Some full height areas and some skirt areas. The red siding, the brown beams, and brown mortar ties everything together.

The “Tumbled Olde Mill Blend” is not only available in the Harvest Gold Limestone, but also in (a) Weatheredge Limestone (b) Elite Blue Granite (c) Cambridge Light Gray Limestone (d) Rustic Brown Limestone, as well as a blend of several kinds.

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