Breakwater Stone – Leamington Ontario
Shoreline on Lake Erie
Technical Data
June 24 2009
Amabel Formation
Information on our Weatheredge Limestone, also known as Silverwater.
*abrasion resistance = 23.7
*mod. Rupture = 1.57 megaposcals = 2549 psi
*comp. strength = 166.9 megaposcals = 24,209 psi
*2.8 ton/cubic metre
*specific gravity
        top layer = 2.76
        2nd layer = 2.83 – 2.85
Information received from Don Hains
Hains Technology Associates
Hains Engineering Company Ltd.
Phone: 877-971-9783
Some people request the natural weathered face, and others don’t care. If you desire a specific face, specify on order. 
* Few quarries have natural seams at 3 to 5 ft height. This quarry has many 4 ft +/- layers, which makes it a very sought after stone.
Engineers are so happy to find out that such a dense stone is available. Can you imagine a specific gravity of 2.83 – 2.85 and 2.8 tons/cubic meter? If it’s handier for you, it’s available by truck or if you desire barge delivery, we can quote that also (which usually saves the customer money). If you desire pricing, please fill in the Rate Request below.
This is the quarry entrance off of Highway 540.
Access by barge on the other side of property will be 16 to 18 ft draft.
Huge Reserve of 722,000,000 tons of limestone, in the top 3 formations, on 1200 acres.
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