We supplied three sets of Weatheredge Limestone steps for this project. This set leads to the garden.

This set of steps is the side entrance to the amazing porch which was restored to the original plan. Notice the posts’ detail and how they are done in sets of three.

Nice posts and handrails.

Close up

Side View

We also made the squared fieldstone thin veneer (beside the steps) to blend with the original squared fieldstone house.

The steps at the front door.

Notice the detail in the woodwork around the front door. Also notice the stained glass sidelights. Our customer was so happy that he gave an hour long tour of the interior and exterior, and treated us to a visit and lemonade.

The front steps look very original because of the weather stain the ferns and trees provide. It’s wonderful that this beautiful old homestead was saved and restored. The stone corners were very strong and true.

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