The addition to the Existing Stone Farm House had a very unique (mostly Limestone) Blend so it would fit with the original. The Blend was approximately:

(A) 1% Ontario Split Granite Fieldstone

(B) 50% Cambridge Light Gray Limestone (Bedface) Squares & Rec’s

(C) 25% Harvest Gold Limestone (Bedface) Squares & Rec’s

(D) 18% Rustic Brown Limestone (Bedface) Squares & Rec’s

(E) 6% Tan Limestone

Timberframe always looks so nice with natural stone.

The New Garage Area had a skirt of matching stone.

We created a blend to match the existing stone closest in proximity to the new stone.

The new main entrance.

On the existing Stone Home… the side toward the road was mostly squared local Granite fieldstone. The end of the house was close to 100% local split limestone. The old addition, adjoining the new addition was the area we matched with the new stone… because they were closest to each other.