This piece of art carved out of Natural Stone was purchased by Bobby Hull’s son. We showed it in Toronto at the Landscape Ontario Congress Show before shipping it to Arizona. 
Note: We often give a sizable discount if our customers allow us to show off their tub at a show.We supplied the stone for the outside of this house in the Peterborough area, as well as the fireplaces, but the real focal point is the amazing hand carved bath tub.
The Natural Stone Tubs below are all currently available, on a first come first serve basis. Feel free to contact us for pictures from different angles, as well as pricing.
These amazing tubs are hand carved from a piece of Natural Rock with a lot of “Tender Loving Care”. No two pieces are the same.
Bath Tub #1
Bath Tub #2
Bath Tub #3
Bath Tub # 4
Bath Tub #5
Bath Tub #6
Bath Tub #7
Bath Tub #8