As the new trees planted directly behind the falls grow, you get the illusion of a stream falling over a natural cliffside, into the pool.

The Customer’s Testimony

“Thanks so much for all your time and insight into the building of our waterfall. We are very satisfied with the final results.


The Galli’s”

This was the beginning of the beautiful feature. The customer was able to view it being pre-built, but in the earlier stages. It was sent out, numbered on the back side, ready to install.

Re-building on site. It’s much easier and cleaner on the jobsite when waterfalls are pre-built. It also makes the installation crew look really fast, when all the pre-building has been done at our yard. Another advantage is, most job sites don’t have an abundance of space, so bringing piece#1 in and placing it where it belongs is so helpful, then following with piece#2 and placing it. This makes building waterfalls easy.

The woodlot background creates a wonderful setting for a waterfall. You don’t always have the luxury of a woodlot behind your falls, but most towns have a certain amount of mature trees in the background, even if they are your neighbors’. In those situations you may only have to cover a fence with new plantings, but can take advantage of the neighboring mature, tall trees to get the same illusion.

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