Harvest Gold Limestone Tumbled Olde Mill Blend in 7 1/2 acres of bush land in the Drayton ON area.

This fireplace in the log home setting is built with Harvest Gold Tumbled Squared Limestone. The hearth and mantle is Brown Limestone with Rock Faced (hand chiseled) edges. Notice the precise, yet tumbled, pieces surrounding the fireplace opening.


This Harvest Gold Limestone was guillotined to rectangular shapes before it got tumbled. We recommend that if our customers revise the shape of a piece of tumbled stone, or shorten one to fit, it’s important that the altered edge has the same rounded, water or weather worn appearance as all the other edges. To get this finish (if you saw the piece), saw it from the back side and break the last 3/4″, or 3/8″ for Thin Veneer (sawn edges don’t fit the project if all the other edges are tumbled). Then chip the edge round and finish by rubbing the chipped edge with another piece of the same stone. Now the “altered piece” blends well with all the others.

The mantle, pillar caps and top molding pieces have all been made from Weatheredge Limestone, which comes from our quarry on Manitoulin Island. They all have hand chiseled (Rock Faced) edges. The Tumbled Square Harvest Gold Limestone fits so well with the log wall background, the hand hewn beam structure and the wood ceilings.

Notice that the pillars are tapered, and the window sills and post caps are made from the Ontario Brown Limestone.
To make the install easier for our masons, we took templates of the angle of the tapered pillars, guillotined the corner pieces to the template, tumbled them and palletized them on separate and labelled pallets. After the correct tapered shapes were made, they were tumbled so that the freshly shaped edge has the tumbled finish as the front. This saved many hours of taper shaping and re-tumbling on the job site, and the guillotined broken edges had the same tumbled effect that the rest of the stone had on the project. Some of the tapered pillars were approximately 20 feet tall.
A stone chimney looks so solid, durable and strong. The double chimney caps, on both chimneys, were also made from Harvest Gold Limestone to match the stone on the chimneys and house.
What a beautiful country setting for a house like this. Driving in the country lane, you get many views from different angles. Drivers taking machinery and stone there come back and say “Amazing!”.