It was important that the new stonework would blend and fit with the original “Log Cabin”. It was important that we tumble the Limestone Blend, which rounds the edges and creates a weatherworn surface.

The interesting Log Cabin dates back to the 1800’s.

The Original Log Cabin is in very good repair.

A close-up of the front entrance.

This interesting blend consisted of: (A) Random, (B) Squares and Rec’s, and (C) Ledgerock Shapes. The kinds of Limestone used were: (1) Weatheredge, (2) Harvest Gold, (3) Tan, and (4) Brown.

Between Garage Doors

Considering the Natural Stones aged appearance and the style it was laid… you could think it was laid 200 years ago, rather than 1 year ago.

Viewing more sides including the log cabin. Notice the natural pond in the background as well.

The back of the garage.

It was important to our customer that the stonework on the house addition fits the stonework on the existing barn. The day we took pictures, the water in the pond was as smooth as glass, mirroring the barn (in the water).

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