The pic above is the exterior chimney for the fireplace inside (pic below)which has the Natural Stone going full height of the cathedral ceiling. The wood stained mantle matches the support beam (at peak).

A close-up of the mantle and the fireplace stones, which is a blend of both (A) vein face and (B) bed face weathered face (the whiter pieces) and (C) split face ledgerock.

All 3 types of Weatheredge Limestone were tumbled (tying them nicely together).

Notice they used white mortar joints (actually most people using this blend to date have been using white mortar).

The “L-Shaped” Thin Veneer Corners, give a feeling of strength and durability.

From this angle you see the beautiful blue waters of an attractive lake. As we were travelling the beautiful winding mountain roads to get to these project pictures we came across three beautiful deer.

The original house had been leveled by a tornado. During the time our customer was looking for a stone they would like for their new home (including out of state). On their way home they found a picture of the Tumbled Olde Mill Estate Blend and they knew immediately that this was the stone for them.