This contractor ,who purchased the Weatheredge Limestone Tumbled Olde Mill Estate Blend for his own house, told us how happy he is with his natural choice.

The white brick portions of the project, also have white mortar… tying it in well with the Weatheredge Limestone Tumbled Olde Mill Estate Blend. (Which is also laid with “white mortar”)

With a nice wide return on “Thin Veneer Corners”… it gives the project such a solid and strong appearance.

The lighter colored pieces in the “Estate Blend” are the outer edge (the weathered edge and top) of the quarry blocks, adding age to the appearance.

The window sill was hand crafted from “Weatheredge Limestone” as well. We recommend extending the sills 4″ past the edge of windows and doors (reflecting water better, as well as it doesn’t allow them to lift.)

A close-up pic of the “L-shaped Thin Veneer Corners”. When corners have a return face that is 4 to 9″ depth.. it gives the appearance of a structural wall… like the old buildings used to be. Our customers are so amazed with such nice corners.

Showing the entire house front and garage.