This barn was not built to be a home for animals. It is a shop and showroom for “Live Edge” wood table tops and many other uses. The products sold here are unique and impressive. It is very fitting to have such original looking stone for this project. The Weatheredge Limestone is quarried on our 1200 acre quarry on Manitoulin Island. We built the road, cleared the trees, quarried the stone, split it with some of the 6 guillotines we own and tumbled it before sending it to this beautiful site. That’s rewarding!

The Tumbled Olde Mill Blend consists of random, squared and ledgerock, giving it the desired 200 year old appearance which is sought after for the more original looking buildings. The random and squared shapes are bed-face and the Ledgerock is split with the vein face showing, which exposes variety in color, texture and veining.

Notice how the Weatheredge Limestone looks when it is tumbled. It changes crisp edges to a soft, rounded, and more weathered and water worn appearance.

The wood decoration on the wall shows the craftsmanship of the business owners. They have an amazing selection of live edge lumber inside that was cut out of many kinds of trees.

Even though this project was not finished at the time of the picture, the completed sections of stonework already look 100 years old. Once the weatherboard siding ages, the entire project will have a very original appeal.