This customer was so happy with the stone we supplied that he came home to show it off to us as well as took us to his son’s house, which was a sawn height building stone as well… but in granite.

The Weatheredge Limestone gets the blue pulled out when beside a blue siding.

Natural Stone is amazing, even in the low skirt areas.

Wood always looks nice with natural stone.

Natural Stone is amazing in a Northern ON woodlot setting.

The end wall of the garage.

Natural Stone is always nice with plantings. The Blue / Gray door also pulls the blue out of the Weatheredge Limestone.

A close-up picture for color and texture. This customer darkened the mortar joints with a small amount of Black mortar color.

Plants, wood, and Natural Stone is so awesome together. Our Sawn Height Building Stone is “a Stone-Mason’s Dream” when it comes to ease of laying, at high speeds. Imagine working with a product that all four heights fit each other with a half inch mortar joint. It makes the Stone-Mason’s smile grow.

I was surprised that these plants were still so nice (in Northern ON), however the next week they were froze crisp.