Showing the garage at the end of the house (pic above), and a nice sitting area (pic below).

Yes this project is in the USA, according to the flag. My wife and I were in Ohio at a nephew’s wedding, so we visited our friend, who is a high quality builder, and got pictures of the stone we provided on these beautiful projects.

We are very happy with the builder’s and stone mason’s quality.

This is so rewarding for Diane and I to visit projects with stone we provided. The customer feed back is very valuable to us as well.

This close up picture shows the matching Weatheredge Limestone post cap, which has a hand chiseled rock face outer edge as well as a drip line cut underneath.

Natural Stone always looks good among plantings.

Beautiful flower beds with flagstone stepping stones in grass.

While taking these pictures a plane flew overhead (quite close). I tried to quickly readjust and refocus the camera to include it in my picture, but he snuck up on me and was faster than I could readjust. Too bad I didn’t capture the moment…how often do you get a chance like that?