This is a well flowered lot, with Lake Ontario in the background.

This couple took their time and laid all this Weatheredge Limestone Tumbled Ledgerock themselves. They started their project with enough Concrete Thin Veneer to complete their project, however when they saw how un-natural it looked, they packaged it back up again and sent it back.

They then drove 1 1/2 hours to visit us and order their natural stone thin veneer.

They showcased our Weatheredge Limestone Tumbled Ledgerock at their front entrance door.

Flowers, pillars, and natural stone… so amazing together.

This customer continued with the same Weatheredge Limestone inside the house, however switched the cut from the Guillotined Ledgerock split against the grain, and was tumbled (outdoors). The interior stone was sawn top and bottom, split with the grain, and was not tumbled. The heights were sawn to 2 1/4″, 5?, 7 3/4″, and 10 1/2″ and these sizes fit each other with a 1/2″ mortar joint.

A close up picture of the fireplace-notice the weathered wood beam for the mantle.

Natural stone looks attractive with the hardwood floor.

A picture of the fireplace, looking over, the banister, from the upper level.

Another fireplace view with the lights on. In the picture above, its a good view of Lake Ontario out of their window. What a relaxing room… watch dancing flames and rolling waves.

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