None of this stone was present when this project was started – what a make-over!

The sitting area cap has a Sawn & Textured top and hand chiseled edges (rock faced). The guillotined Ledgerock (under the cap) is varying heights. The Oversized Flagstone is sawn top and bottom, has a textured top (for added grip), and features pieces up to 8 feet long. All the stone on this project is from our 1200 acre Weatheredge Limestone quarry on Manitoulin Island.

The nice sitting bench area adds charm to this project.

The natural weathered faces were purposely left on the front face of the Weatheredge Limestone Steps to blend well with the Armor Stone, which also has the weathered face exposed. Several of the bottom pieces are angled to gracefully make the curve toward the next set of steps in the picture below.

You can see part of both sets of stairs from this view. There are three sets of stairs in the landscape. This whole project is an amazing transformation.

We can hardly wait to get invited over for a barbeque!:)