This happy customer stayed home to be able to meet us, and tell us how happy they were with the stone we supplied for their house. Their glowing faces told the story.

They were so happy to find out that we would do a chunky (tall) blend, and that we would be willing to create a “hand selected color blend” to suit their taste. They chose more blue/grey and less gold. The Northern Collection heights are 11 1/2″, 6″ and the lowest piece is 5″ height.

The stone mason was very particular and trimmed the vertical joints to fit perfectly.

The Front Entrance

Our customer proudly told us that when the stone started being laid and looked so beautiful, people started arriving and asking where the stone had come from. Their next question was, “Where do you live?”, because they didn’t want someone having the same amazing stone around the corner from them.

After Stone was Installed

There was originally siding on this home (see pics below). Wow! What a difference this Natural Stone Thin Veneer made to this project. The customers made it clear…they couldn’t be happier with their new stone.

Before Pictures


When comparing the garage and house (after stone) to the before pics with only siding… it is an amazing transformation. The beauty of using Natural Stone Thin Veneer is how you can beautify a house by taking the rugged or damaged siding off and adhering the new stone without needing a support foundation.