The Sawn Height ratios we used are 10% 2 1/4″ height, 40% 5″ height, 40% 7 3/4″ height, and 10% 10 1/2″ height. In this case approximately 10% of the pieces were the weathered bed-face, which is the top of the slabs and lighter in color.

After the home owner had nicely completed the home of their dreams, with a stone they loved, their job transferred them to Western Canada. Another couple from Western Canada was transferred to Ontario and now gets to enjoy the “Weatheredge Limestone” here.

We had also supplied a “Weatheredge Limestone Step” for the entrance of the home. We left the Weathered front edge exposed, giving a very natural appeal. The new home owner took a pic. of their front steps to see if we can match it. We informed them it came from our Quarry property on Manitoulin Island and yes, we can make many more. They were very pleased to find the source, so they can have a perfect match.

The picture above was taken when visiting one of our U.S. dealers. It is a blend of “Tumbled Weatheredge Limestone”, with Ledgerock and “low rise” bed-face.

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