The Weatheredge Limestone is quarried from our quarry on Manitoulin Island. It has a beautiful rustic weathered face, but split open this rock to reveal soft tones of grey and taupe to shades of blue and splashes of gold and even green. This limestone is a very solid limestone. We produce a variety of split building stone as well as our line of sawn building stone sawn to various heights. The house pictured above has the full range of colour.

Weatheredge Limestone Northern Collection  – Blue stone sorted out

Northern Collection is one of our sawn height collections. The stone is sawn to three different sizes of 5″, 6″, 11 1/2″. These three sizes blend well to install with a half inch mortar joint. The house pictured below has all the blue coloured stone removed by request of the customer. This gives the overall project a soft grey colour blend.

Notice the sills on this house are also the made from the Weatheredge Limestone. They are sawn to size and finished with a texture on the top and rock-face on the front edge. We custom saw the stone to meet the requirements of your specific project.

Weatheredge Limestone Northern Collection – Full Colour Range

  The Northern Collection on this house has the full colour range. It is sawn to the specific heights of 5″, 6″, 11 1/2″ to fit with a 1/2″ mortar joint.

Also note the window sills are made from the Weatheredge Limestone as well.