We have pulled some 200 ton blocks that hold together in one piece. It’s a very dense formation of Amabel Limestone and the second layer has a specific gravity of 2.83, making it one of the most dense limestone found. The high density makes it very sought after for shoreline stabilization, and the other high moisture/freezing applications. We have 5 – 7 layers of the desired 3 – 4 ft tall heights, that few quarries have.

This quarry is 1200 acres so we have huge tonnages of tall pieces, and are glad to share with other quarries that don’t have the luxury of so many tall pieces.

In the picture above you can see a section of undisturbed quarry floor. The cracks define how big the piece is and gives a weathered face on all four edges. The piece size can be small landscape pieces (like this area) or as large as 200 ton blocks. The extra large pieces get split down to a manageable size with a drill and power wedges. We can load blocks as heavy as 20 ton/piece with our loader.

A load of armor stone and a few pieces of waterfall stone leaving our quarry. Notice the weather faces, giving a project a very natural appeal.

Sometime a load of saw blocks arrives at our processing facility with 4 or 5 pieces bringing the load up to the 46 ton legal weight. We prefer putting one 10 – 20 ton block into one of our saws rather than 20 pieces of 1 ton blocks which takes 20 times longer, for placement in the saw.

A weathered outcrop in the Weatheredge Limestone Quarry. Imagine replicating this in your back yard. It would look like it was part of the natural landscape.