The Weatheredge Limestone steps and porch are brush hammered. The pavers were cut to 12″ by 12″ size however are available in pieces as large as 4′ by 8′ in square cut flagstone and up to 10′ long in random oversized flagstone. It is also available in textured or sand blasted finish. The textured finish beautifully magnifies the veins and even fossils.

4 ft. long Weatheredge Limestone steps hand chiseled front edge.

The 4′ by 1 1/2′ by 7″ steps above have a natural weathered front edge and a textured top. The steps in the background (right) are Elite Blue Granite.

The 6′ by 1 1/2′ by 7″ Weatheredge Limestone Steps above have a brush hammered top and hand chiseled (work-faced) front edge.

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