This office and distribution center is in the town of St. Marys, ON. St. Marys is known as the Stonetown.

The town of St. Marys is built on Limestone, and many of the beautiful old buildings were built with Limestone from one of the several Limestone quarries that were operating in that time frame. Today, the one is now a beautiful clear water swimming pool and the other one is used for making powder cements only. Because of no St. Marys Limestone Building Stone being available any more, we have been asked to supply Limestone for buildings and fireplaces within the town and surrounding area.

In this situation, we were asked to produce Limestone with the top and bottom all sawn to 7 3/4″ heights, and they have laid it in continuous rows. It’s handy to have 1200 acres of this beautiful limestone to draw from.

The 7 3/4″ Sawn Height continuous rows create a very perfect linear appearance.

It’s very proper to have a stone office in Stonetown (St. Marys).