This is a springtime picture before extra plantings. The Northern Collection blend is sawn top and bottom to 5″, 6″ and 11 1/2″ heights. It lays extremely easy and fast, and has quickly become the fulfillment of a ” Stone Mason’s Dream”.

Summer (After Added Plantings)

This new home was originally built with all vinyl siding. After the customer was not happy with the appearance of vinyl on such a beautiful property, he decided to take sections of vinyl and replace it with Weatheredge Limestone Sawn Height Northern Collection. When he saw how beautiful the Weatheredge Limestone was, he kept adding more sections of stone until the complete front was covered in stone. He is so happy with the transformation.

Notice the 3″ x 3″ Thin Veneer window sills are made from the Weatheredge Limestone, to match the wall. The raw product is quarried in our 1200 acre quarry.

This picture is in heavy sunlight.


In summertime the lane winds through the shade of a beautiful pine forest in St. Marys ON, and opens up to this lovely home. St. Marys is a town built on Limestone, and has many historic Limestone buildings in it. The famous St. Marys Cement company started producing cement here many years ago, but there are no local quarries that produce building stone any more. With so many original limestone buildings in this town, it is very appropriate to use our Weatheredge Limestone, with our production facility only thirty minutes away from St. Marys.

In winter this property is a real winter wonderland. Driving in the lane winding through a snow laden bush of pine trees, it opens up to this beautiful home. At this customer’s request, we pulled more of the blue/grey pieces out of the standard Weatheredge Limestone Blend so that they would receive more of a beige color blend like they desired.