This customer liked our Weatheredge Limestone Splitface Ledgerock. They desired to have the top and bottom sawn to equal 7″ height and laid the stone in rows. In the last several years we have seen an increased demand for “One size sawn height”.

Work in Progress

The pink reflection in some of the pictures and especially the picture below is a reflection of the sunset.

We had sawn the top and bottom of each piece and the “on site stone mason” sawed both ends of each piece as well… making a very perfect and precise project. We also offer saw cutting both ends at our location (upon request)

The picture above is a very good representation of the color of this product. Notice some of the pieces are 2 – 2 1/2 feet long.

The chimney above the roof. Notice the added detail at the top… the second row from the top is a “half height” and the top row is a “soldier coarse”.

A beautiful sunset in the beautiful mountains of Tennessee being reflected in the pool. Our customer talked about Johnny Cash having had a property behind theirs, which tells of the area.