A very inviting entrance.

The fall time leaf color is always special adding beauty to projects.

Fall Decorations.

This is our “JCB Loader Salesman’s House” We appreciate that after we have purchased 11 JCB Loader’s he kindly purchased his stone from us. After the project was completed… he came back for two matching Weatheredge Limestone steps. We hand chiseled the front edge and textured the top for added grip.

These steps are also available with a natural weathered front edge.

A close-up picture of the 3″ high Weatheredge Limestone Splitface Ledgerock (below the sill). This project was finished with a (close to flush) mortar joint. Our customers chose to have a “split face” instead of tumbled. Tumbling greatly alters the appearance. We are pleased to have both options available.

The end wall.

This Weatheredge Limestone Ledgerock pillar has a Weatheredge 3″ post cap on top.

Left side view.