Notice the quality of workmanship and effort the stone masons put into shaping these natural weathered faced pieces with extremely tight joints. This is inside the greenhouse area.

These are the mock-up walls before we sent the L-shaped corners.

Above is the outside of a 135 degree corner.

Below is the inside of the 135 degree corner. To show how massive these amazing pieces are… the return on this amazing piece is approximately 5 1/2′ long and the long edge approximately 7′ long.

Imagine how much nicer and more real the mock up wall would have looked with the wide returns on these pieces.

In the picture above, we show the inside of the 90 degree corner. In the picture below you see the natural weathered face on a 90 degree corner.

No one on the jobsite was aware it would even be possible to produce such large natural corners. When completed it will be an amazing “cliffside”.

After receiving pictures of what is possible there were many exclamations, but when the first shipment came with the actual pieces everyone was awestruck.

There are approximately ten truckloads already prepared for this very interesting project and many more to produce. We are very excited to visit this sight upon completion. Keep your eyes ready for more progress pictures.

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