We are very happy with the vision that of one of our local stonemasons had, and his talent displayed when he installed this amazing “Cliffside Wall” in his basement. On the left side (top pic) he can turn a switch and a waterfall trickles down over the weathered faces of the Weatheredge Limestone. There is a little holding pond to catch the falling water.

On the right side of the basement wall you can watch the dancing flames in the fireplace… talk about relaxation in this room. Our Cliffside Wallstone is the front weathered skin of the quarry slabs from our quarry in Manitoulin Island.

The next three photos are “Mock Up Walls” for a Cliffside House, being built into a hillside in the hills of New York State. As you can see, this stonemason was very talented as well.

It takes a lot of effort to keep the mortar joints this precise while working with weathered, natural faces. We offered the stone mason, that we could do a 6 ft. return of L Shaped Corners for them, if they wanted their project to be totally breathtaking. We are excited that our new equipment allows us to do nearly unthinkable things. Its fun to have experienced people stare in unbelief.

These mock-up walls were laid so the mason’s customers could visualize how the finished project will look, and to be sure they are happy with the end result.

Imagine this stone on a hillside house… it earned its name, “Cliffside Wallstone”.

Thanks to both masons for the amazing and precise job they did of fitting the natural edges so well. We at Colonial Brick & Stone Inc. are proud of your workmanship.