This project in Gore Bay, ON is a 3/4 hour drive from our Quarry and required several truck loads of “Natural Weathered Face Armor Stone.”

The “Natural Weathered Face” on our armor stone is where we get the name “Weatheredge Limestone”. The weathered face fits so well with old antique wheels, used as decor.

The Weathered face looks like it’s a natural outcrop.

The Weatheredge Limestone adds a “Natural Appeal” to any project.

Natural Stone Armor Stone and Flower Beds… so beautiful together.

Spring flowers and Natural Stone.

We can split for a natural stone flowing edge among the flowers or a more precise back edge.

Heavy Equipment in the Quarry: This 50 ton Excavator is for slab extraction.

Our Doosan Loader is designed to handle and load Blocks up to 20 tons each.

Blocks ready for shipment.

The “Weatheredge Limestone” is very dense and strong making it very suitable for Shorelines and other high moisture areas.

The 1200 acre Weatheredge Limestone Quarry gives a stable supply for many years.

From the quarry to finished projects.

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