Rugged, fresh, and wild, are only few of the words that could be used to describe the natural beauty of our Weatheredge Limestone Armour Stone. This natural product of Ontario is known for its distinct Northern weathered face.

Efficiency, Quality, and Consistency are words that everyone likes to hear. Well, we are no exception. That’s why we are working to improve production efficiency and quality control at our Weatheredge Limestone Quarry. With new staff and better equipment, our goal is to serve our customers quickly, and with consistent quality.
Our Weatheredge Limestone is taken from our own Quarry on Manitoulin Island in Ontario. It is extracted in both large and small pieces, and can be used in many applications. It’s high density ratings place it among the most dense limestone in North America. This makes it an excellent stone to use in and around water, in Waterfalls, Shoreline Stone, Breakwater stone,etc..
Once the stone is harvested it is shipped to our yard in Brunner, ON, or shipped directly to our customers. Full load, direct shipping is available.


Weatheredge Limestone Stone Edging

Weatheredge Armour Stone works great as an edging for flowerbeds, driveways, ponds, etc. Its beautiful, weathered look blends well with many other stone applications.


Weatheredge Limestone Armor Stone Retaining Wall

A Weatheredge Armour Stone retaining wall is a beautiful way to level out an unwanted slope. It can also provide excellent erosion control.

Weatheredge Limestone Split-face Armour Stone

 Splitting away the weathered face of Weatheredge Armour Stone reveals the beautiful interior of the stone. Its lovely blue-grey color along with its golden accents give a more refined alternative to the weathered look.

Weatheredge Limestone Armour Stone Decorative Boulders

A single piece of Weatheredge Armour Stone is a great way to add life to almost any property. Since no two pieces are alike, each piece will add its own distinct characteristics and beauty.

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