The Weatheredge Limestone with a Weathered Face looks so natural, used in three tiers, in the Betty Fretz Day Lily display garden.

A Tigerstripe Limestone flagstone landing between two flights of Limestone Steps, is a nice seating area to enjoy the Gardens.

The limestone steps blend well with the Weatheredge Limestone Amor Stone.

The entrance to the pump house.

As the Day Lilies were being planted. Betty was a grower of thousands of Day Lilies and developed many new varieties.

Betty’s Gardens overlooked Conestoga Lake. The natural “Weathered Top and Weathered Face” of the Weatheredge Limestone fit a natural setting very well.

In Memory Of Betty Fretz

At one of our daughters wedding reception, we had a table designated to numerous health care workers, and Betty was one of them. It was very touching for us as parents to hear that this loving and caring group were discussing what they could do to make life as nice as they could for our sons, that were both suffering from an incurable disease called Cystinosis. Betty had a big heart. People would donate old eye glasses to her. She had Mose Lichti (from Milbank, ON) fixing them, after which a team of Optometrists would travel to 3rd world countries, and fit them to peoples’ needs. These were people that would not have been able to afford to buy them.

We were so sad to hear that Betty suffered from cancer. We miss her so much, as she left a huge empty spot in the Community and afar. She is also missed by her loving husband Marvin. Jewels like Betty, are an inspiration to many. May we be encouraged to be a blessing to others as well.

This is how the Weatheredge Limestone lays in our Quarry on Manitoulin Island. Where you see the crack (space) there is a weathered face on both sides. This explains why we have thousands of tons of Weathered Faces available.