Baxter Project

Our client’s request was to have a stone product for their garage, that would match & compliment an existing stone wall next to the garage. Our suggestion to them was our:
Weathered Face Weatheredge Limestone Ledgerock
This is what our client has to say about the end result:

Here are some photos of the garage we built in Kingston, Ontario. The stone you provided looks great and matches perfectly with the stone on our house which was built in 1842.
Thanks again for all your assistance in selecting the stone
And here is another project we have supplied in this outstanding product. 
This is an interesting project featuring larger pieces of the weathered face in this product line. 
We took thin skins off of the face of larger pieces to provide that “large affect”without it being too heavy for an indoor application.

Sometimes we are asked for steps or landscape products to match the natural stone that is installed on a building. For the Weathered Face Ledgerock, nothing could match better than steps with that beautiful weathered face.
And also…
Weatheredge Limestone Armour Stone
Available in a variety of sizes. 
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