Beautiful views from three stories.

There were some great challenges at the quarry level because (a) stone had to be sorted or sawn thin enough to fit a 3-4″ ledge (even the very large pieces) (b) everything had to be color-sorted and (c) approximately 25% were to be extra large. Most quarries would have walked away but we were happy to get what the customer wanted. We are even supplying thin veneer up to 2′ height because this customer wants the thin veneer to be a perfect match to the full-bed stone which is nearly unheard of.

They wanted Brown Sandstone with a “Weathered Face”, a lot of texture and some very large pieces. We responded to everything they wanted with some pieces being close to 4′ long.

The extra large pieces were from the top of the mountain (in the quarry)and didn’t have all the dust washed off (at the time of the picture), when they are cleaned… everything blends well. We are happy with the quality of workmanship the stonemasons showcased. Working with such large pieces is not easy… they willingly stepped up to the challenge. Thanks to them.

The regular sized pieces on the pallet.

This is going to be a beautiful setting when completed.

A picture of the ski slope in the fall with beautiful leaf color. Some anxious skiers can hardly wait for snow. Collingwood is such a beautiful city.