We pre-built this falls, numbered it on the backside and sent it with a drawing (for ease of installation). This customer, whose business was in California, desired that one our employees fly out to train his employees how to install these falls.

Perth County asked us to dress up their exhibit at the International Plowing Match hosted by Carson Farms, east of Listowel ON. We built this 72 foot long Waterfalls for them.  

What was very intriguing for everyone was when they walked through the cave entrance (shown in the picture above), it was immediately cooler than outside.

What surprised the guests even more was when going through the cave, it opened up to allow them to come out behind the falling water (in the picture above). Most people didn’t expect that. The falls had four streams of water flowing over the weathered face of the Weatheredge Limestone from Colonial’s 1200 acre quarry property on Manitoulin Island. The falls was a real attraction to the Plowing Match. A whole school class traveled the width of the “Tented City” (walking) to be able to eat their lunch by the falls. Elroy, the owner of Colonial, had longed for the opportunity to build a falls with a cave and enjoyed every moment.

This Granite falls is in front of Colonial’s showroom. Waterfalls attract by sight and sound, and are so relaxing. It even attracts birds that fly in and sit on a ledge for a drink. 

Falls dropping into a swimming pool. The black liner in the pool gives the illusion of added depth.


This falls gives the illusion of water coming out of a hillside and feeding the pond. The water then overflows into a creek we built, flows under a stone bridge and down to a lower pond with an island. This falls was very exciting to build.

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