How often do you see a waterfall coming off of a roof (of a “Cliffside Building” at that).

What an interesting project… where you get to do so many unique and interesting things.

This is the same project we did the Moon Gate which we made from our Weatheredge Limestone as well.

Over 30 truckloads of our Weathered Face Weatheredge Limestone – from our Quarry on Manitoulin Island have gone to this interesting project. They really enjoy the Natural Weathered Faces our quarry offers.

What a setting… with blueberries growing on the slopes.

Watch for pictures later… when the plantings are growing on the Concrete roof. Notice the water is already flowing in the picture above.

Very precise fitting of our Weatheredge Limestone, on this Cliffside Building. I wondered why they were waterproofing such a high percentage of this wall… now we know… as we see that this is the area that the waterfall was built.