This home is bordering a golf course.

The two pictures below, of a chimney and fireplace, were for a customer that desired to have grey and black split fieldstone and very little pink. We were able to accommodate their color choice. We have other customers that choose extra pink.

Also notice the hand hewn beams supporting the ceiling. This customer desired a raised hearth and visable wood box.

This additional was added to a house in the Elora ON area. The existing house was fieldstone also, however it had been covered with plaster.

Even though the stone was laid approximately 40 years ago, Mr. Wagler remembers there was a section of mortar removed from the original house, so that we could come up with a blend that would match well when the owners expose the existing stone at a later date. Notice we used limestone window sills and the corner pieces and soldier coarses above all windows were laid with more original appearing limestone, so everything would match well.

Building these tall, narrow pillars so close to each other with random split fieldstone was a challenge, but fun.

Covering a concrete foundation with Thin Veneer is amazing, especially when you use “L shaped” corners. One would believe this was an original natural stone foundation.