This Interesting Blend is:

(A) 20% Harvest Gold Random

(B) 30% Harvest Gold Squared (with regular tumble)

(C) 20% Harvest Gold Squared (with hard tumble)

(D) 10% Black Bed-Face Squared

(E) 20% Weatheredge Weathered Face Ledgerock

Note: George is an experienced stone mason and knew what he wanted to create exactly what he had envisioned. A good Stone Mason can envision what he wants before he starts.

The upper porch is finished with an interesting “Rustic Appeal” with a ceiling matching the theme well.

The Rustic wood including the rustic doors fit the project so well.

An extra out-building with matching stonework.

From a distance.

The “Cast Vents” give an aged appearance.

What a cool Shovel Carving of the humming bird feeding. The Close-up picture shows the mortar color in the mortar joints.

This house is in a trailer park and many people driving by slow down to look at it. The whole neighborhood enjoys the stonework on this house and often comment on it.

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