We were happy that our friends in this fireplace store, displayed so many kinds of our stone. The upper fireplace doesn’t have a hearth.

The Sturgeon River Black Granite Hearth (Bottom fireplace) has a space for firewood under it.

The Black Fireplace Insert blends well with the Midnight Black Natural Stone.

The Midnight Black fits the growing demand for a “dark Black Stone”.

The “Sawn Height Building Stone” is so easy to lay… because all the heights are sawn to fit each other with a 1/2″ mortar joint.

Both Sawn Height Midnight Black fireplaces as displayed in the “Fireplace Store”. Notice how the wide returns (on the corners), makes the corner look so solid and strong. Some people are astounded that this is 1″ thick thin veneer with such amazing “L-Shaped Corners”. They stand back and say “wow”.