The beauty and strength of a natural stone arch. Indoor stonework is so amazing.

Viewing the beauty of fall leaf colors, and the beautiful Valley outdoors, from the large glass area.

The picture above was taken on an angle toward the ceiling showing the front and underside of the Weatheredge Limestone slab… at the top of the open doorway. It has chiseled edges and a textured bottom.

Stone on the interior and exterior with glass in between looks like a continuation of the beautiful stonework, even though there is insulation in between, (which you want for our Canadian Cold Winters). Natural Stone with the beauty of fall colors is so amazing.

The “Tumbled Weatheredge Limestone” going up this wood staircase fits so well together. The stonework was done with some overgrout mortar joints… making it appear to be 200 to 300 years old. Tumbling the stone adds age to its appearance as well.

Viewing the top of the staircase, the 123 degree angle in the stone wall and the stone arched doorway.

A beautiful wooden staircase, wood ceilings and a beautiful chandelier all compliment each other.

This project would not be as charming, or as durable with out the strong stone wall. You could kick this stone wall as much a s you want and it won’t flinch… compare that to drywall and the holes there is to fix when it gets a bump.