Amazing also when sun is setting.

The masons are doing a #1 job on this project in upper New York State. Their customer chose to have the Weatheredge Limestone Ledgerock, tumbled. They requested that the ledgerock gets divided into 80% Split face and 20% Weathered face. Both were tumbled.

The contractor did a good job of keeping the concrete clean. The fireplace hearth was chiseled to a radius. All the other caps and mantle are matching Weatheredged Limestone with hand chiseled edges (rock-faced) and a textured top (which magnifies the beautiful veining and fossils.)

The holes in the “Radius Coping” are for the Rod Iron fence posts. Templates were provided for the shape of this long, winding coping. The coping was hand rock-faced (chiseled) on both sides and was textured on top, which was processed out of our Weatheredged Limestone from our 1200 acre quarry property on Manitoulin Island.

This photo is after the Rod Iron fence was installed on top of the Radius Coping.

Work in progress pictured. We want to share the finished project later.

The Armor Stone is showing the weathered face of our Weatheredge Limestone. Watch for finished project pictures later.

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