The Tumbled Weatheredge Limestone Ledgerock, has a nice color ranging of grays, blues, and beige. The waterfall in the background, was built with the same stone from our quarry property, on Manitoulin Island. The waterfalls has the natural weathered face, which gibes the appeal of a natural cliffside. The building stone is split with a guillotine and is tumbled. It is available “Non Tumbled” as well. The post caps are matching stone and have a rock faced edge.

The night lighting illuminates the “Weatheredge Limestone Waterfall.” The sound of falling water, a distance of over 6′ adds beauty and charm to any project.

This customer desired to have their hearth cut from a piece of Weatheredge Limestone, and wanted the natural “Weathered face” exposed.

Natural Stone Beautifies any project.

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