This fireplace was made with Tumbled Weatheredge Limestone Splitface Ledgerock. If you look closely there is one highlight piece with a weathered face (natural wrinkles) located 4 pieces above the mantle, and 6″ to the left of the center. Some of our customers desire to have some weathered faces added. 
The Tumbled Ledgerock fits the weathered beam mantle and the unique barn beam hearth. Obviously this isn’t a wood burning unit or you wouldn’t be allowed to have a wood hearth. If you enjoy this rustic hearth and desire to have one, lightly sand the top to erase slivers, because as someone with experience would say, “Slivers don’t feel good in the seat.”
This project is thin veneer…but notice the wide returns on the “L Shaped Corners” in the section between the hearth and mantle. Even though these are only 1″ thick veneer corners, they look like very strong solid blocks. 
The three pictures below are Weatheredge Limestone Tumbled Olde Mill Blend. The stone is tumbled to give it weather and water worn looking edges and a softened appeal. The Random, Squared and Ledgerock shapes offer a nice blend of bed and vein faces and provide a very original and old fashioned appearance.
Natural stone adds beauty, charm and durability to every setting.
This several floor staircase wall looks like it was here for 150 years, yet it is new. The tumbling process (which is rolling the stone around in a big barrel), rounds the edges and scuffs the faces, and many people love the appearance.
This 2 storey high wall looks strong and heavy, yet it is lightweight Natural Stone Thin Veneer, and doesn’t require an added footing. The Weatheredge Limestone Tumbled Olde Mill Blend is often finished with an “Over Grout Motar Joint”, however any type of mortar joint can be used to fit the style you desire.