Our customer (who is a talented stone mason) put his expertise to good use in his own cottage. He chose to use a blend of both Ledgerock (the vein face) and Squares & Rec’s (the bed face), with both being tumbled. The rustic pine beam fits very well with the Tumbled Weatheredge Limestone.

The three flowing edge pieces surrounding the firebox opening were made of matching Weatheredge Limestone. It stands out because the face is sawn and textured compared to being split face like the facing stone. The Beach Pebbles inside the “brick row-lock circle” were hand selected from the beach, along the shoreline.

The last picture is in the evening with the main lights turned off and the fireplace burning and the decoration lights turned on, as well as a candle burning on the coffee table. The dark stained beam structure adds beauty in both full light, or partial darkness.

Thanks to Jesse for using our stone on his personal project.