This customer requested that we don’t trim the edges of the stone for their project… due to their more rustic and natural desires. The stone-mason is a brother-in-law to the home owner and does amazing work.

We have often supplied this builder and know that when we send products to them… its going to look amazing, because of the upper quality builds they do. We even supplied a hand carved boulder Bath Tub for one of their projects. Natural Stone adds beauty to any interior.

This project Blend is 50% Weathered Face Ledgerock / 30% Weathered Bed Face Random / 7% Harvest Gold Squared / 5% Tigerstripe Random.

The front entrance – notice when a house is in the woods… how you get beautiful, leafy pictures mirrored in the glass. Notice also the beautiful bushland view you can see through the front door and out the back window.

Rough Sawn Timberframe and Natural Stone compliment each there so well. The post caps were hand crafted from Weatheredge Limestone and have a hand chiseled edge.

A view of the entrance area and front of house as the leaf color had just started to change to fall colors.

The fall leaf color is always beautiful in these Northern Woodlot Areas.

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