This house is in Stratford, ON. The customer was so happy to be able to have us tumble the Tigerstripe Ledgerock they chose for their home. It really stands out to be different and rich looking, with nothing similar to it on the entire street. We were the only people that they knew that tumble natural stone, from all the way from Ontario to British Columbia on the Canadian side of the border. Color enhancers can be used to maintain color, or allow it to naturally fade to the colors in the pictures below.


Tumbling natural stone gives it a very original appearance. This project is “Light” Tigerstripe Limestone Ledgerock and has been tumbled.


Notice the stone laid in a rustic circle around the round window.


This customer wanted a very rustic soldier course above their “old time” garage door. Notice the rustic, varying lengths of the soldier pieces. The original looking wooden carriage doors with false steel hinges and handles fit in well with the tumbled stone. With tumbled stone you can have the look of one hundred years of age the day the project is finished.


Two of our masons proudly standing in front of the Tumbled Tigerstripe Ledgerock house they were doing the stonework on in the Goderich , ON area.