On our “stone tour” we would often stop in at Barb’s for a coffee and show off the Tumbled Random Elite Blue Granite wall. There was time to observe the amazing sparkle and beautiful veining while relaxing and chatting over coffee.

The two gentlemen seated at the table are our customers from New York State… as they were preparing to become one of our dealers. They have done amazing projects with our stone since that tour.

A close up picture of the Tumbled Random Elite Blue Granite. Our new tumbler is due to arrive shortly and will tumble batches eight times larger than what we use now. The demand for our natural stone products has been growing so fast, that we keep installing more and faster equipment, because we want to be dependable to our growing customer base.

We often came in here for lunch on Fridays. Our employees have fond memories of surrounding our stonework and observing it while eating. Our company often supplied the onion rings to eat with lunch and Barbs had a way of making them very tasty.

Good coffee and food on our way to continue our road tour. We had prepared to go to approximately 50 places in this tour. We all had a great time. Those who love natural stone, really enjoy these tours.